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Custom Designed Accessory Dwelling Units

Take out the guesswork of building an ADU

Take out the guesswork.

We run the numbers and create a development plan so you can see the big picture before you even start. As your project progresses, we provide you the analysis tools to make decisions and execute.

Gain a Trusting Partnership to eliminate the time suck of figuring it out yourself

Eliminate the time suck.

We provide a systematic service that directs all the moving parts towards a common goal: finishing your project and living your best life.

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Our Most Popular ADU Services

OVID [Design+Development] works with homeowners to create a customized development plan for building Optimized Accessory Dwelling Units, tailored to each client's specific needs and situation.
Here are some our most popular services:

  • 1 Month Feasibility Study and Project Planning
  • Custom ADU + Deck Design
  • Existing Garage Conversion to ADU Design
  • Existing ADU Legalization
  • ADU Permit Expediting
  • ADU Contractor Procurement
  • ADU Construction Coordination & Project Management