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California Accessory Dwelling Units

We are a dynamic & ever-evolving

Residential DESIGN service

OVID helps residential owners and investors improve their health, wealth, and happiness by designing and developing beautiful new spaces on the land they own. We are a premier service for Functional, Customized, Beautiful Accessory Dwelling Units.
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“Real Estate can't be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense and managed with care,it is about the safest investment in the world."
-Franklin D. Roosevelt

“Small changes eventually add up to huge results”
- A very wise man

“It's ridiculous for developers to be the only source of housing; and in the Bay Area, it's no longer sustainable. This is why we need OVID. They help real people take housing into their own hands."
-Lara Murphy, MD, Bay Area Physician Scientist



Residential Everything.

Build a new ADU in your backyard separate from your existing home.

Build a new ADU attached to and accessible directly from your existing home.

Build a new ADU within the walls of your existing home.

Looking for Cashflow? Appreciation? Disposition? if you're in California, it's your lucky day...
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investor focused SERVICE


M. Corbin Jones is Managing Principal @ OVID Design+Development. He started the firm in 2017 in response to the severe housing shortages in US West Coast Cities. After the State of California passed landmark legislation to allow residential property owners to legally build and rent additional dwelling units on their property, Corbin saw the supreme opportunity in helping everyday homeowners develop the land they own. Fast forward to 2021, Corbin now provides design, permitting, entitlements, and construction consulting to clients around California helping to execute on projects, large and small, that improve the overall value of the land they own. With OVID as your residential construction partner, Corbin ensures you'll discover opportunities  to improve the utility and functionality of your property in ways that maximize the residual value and income potential of your land.

A message from Corbin:

Hello! My interests focus on the positive impact that results from combining design integrity and financial canniness when helping everyday residential property owner clients  build much needed space for our families, friends, communities and cities. It's at the grassroots level that real change is made, which is why I am dedicated to the empowerment of small residential property owners. OVID Consulting Services were created and are driven by the mission to unlock the investment power in single family and low density residential land. At OVID, we give you the power to act intelligently and stand out in real estate space market.

Corbin's Experience:

Corbin has been designing for more than a decade, and is recognized for both his artistic and architectural works. He has managed the build-out of Google workspaces totaling $32m, researched space strategies for Microsoft, and led financial analysis for multi-million dollar mixed-use development projects. He utilizes institutional investment tools, methods, and processes to help his clients succeed. Corbin has extensive knowledge and experience with permitting and entitlements in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area Cities. He's helped 250+ residential and commercial clients obtain building permits for everything from Tenant Improvements, and Ground Up Office, to Residential Remodels and New Residential Construction. Corbin holds two Masters Degrees  in both Architecture and Real Estate from The University of Washington (M.Arch and MSRE).

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We're like the swiss army knife of Residential Real Estate Development.


We design with simplicity and the surrounding context in mind. We respond effectively to both the natural and built elements on a site to create environmentally responsive spaces that are attractive and comfortable. Our Design Ethos is influenced by Japanese and Scandinavian Minimalist Aesthetic —Practical, Profitable, Efficient.


Our process minimizes risk with proven models for financial analysis, real time market data, and a trusted network of industry partners all working together in a grassroots development platform built around you, the residential property owner. Because we understand ‘the numbers’, our designs result in increased property values and opportunities for passive rental income.


Our collaborative and versatile approach to delivering residential construction projects is your solution for what, where, and how to build additional space. We have a strong command of the key roles and responsibilities for getting the project done as well as the knowledge and experience to tackle the unexpected. Like a swiss army knife for delivering residential construction projects.

From concept to completion,
OVID takes care of the entire process for transforming our clients properties from their current inadequate state to an optimized, functional, beautiful asset.

What does this mean?

Opportunities to maximize rental income.
Improved the health and productivity of occupants.
Highly efficient floor plans.
Site designs that make the most of every square foot.

Regardless of a property's condition, we help you create a clear vision for capital improvement.

By combining design and real estate quantitative analysis, we model spatial ideas with the bottom line in mind.

We map our client's project milestones and guide then from start to finish.

Optimizing the value of our client's properties means providing new spaces that support healthy living, improves physiological wellbeing, functions at a high level, and forces asset appreciation.

We take care of the entire process so you can unlock your property’s value with minimal effort to you.

From concept to completion,
We take care of the entire process so you can unlock your property’s value with minimal effort.

What does this mean?

By combining architectural design and real estate financial analysis, we model spatial ideas.

We then deliver a project as the entire project development team.

We maximize rental income, improve the health and productivity of occupants, and provide new homes.

Regardless of a property's condition, we help you create a clear vision for investing in capital improvements.
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