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What Does OVID Do?

We run the numbers and create a development plan so you can see the big picture before you even start.

Home Improvement With PRECISION and EASE

Hitting the Target

Take out the guesswork.

We run the numbers and create a development plan so you can see the big picture before you even start.

Trusting Partnership

Eliminate the time suck.

We are a one-stop shop service that directs all the moving parts towards a common goal: finishing your project.

Prefab Smart Home - Kasita

High Functioning Design

Elevate your living space to the next level with quality, craftsmanship, and style.




Development Done For You

We bring specialized knowledge in real estate development.




Development Done For You

Project Types.


Build a new ADU attached to and accessible directly from your existing home.

Build a new ADU within the walls of your existing home.

Build a new ADU in your backyard separate from your existing home.


Convert Home to Rental Property

If you own a lot zoned for two homes (R2) with only one existing home, we help you develop the other home on your lot to rent or sell.

If you own lot zoned for three-units (R3), you can now build to the highest and best use. Live in one, rent or sell the other two.

If you own a lot zoned for four-units (R4), we help you develop your land to it's highest and best use, maximizing cash flow and forcing appreciation.



We help you with a high-quality and comprehensive project delivery method.


The traditional residential project delivery model is disjointed.

We understand that home improvement comes with challenges. We use proven models for financial analysis, vetted due diligence checklists, and a robust feasibility analysis to ensure that risks are identified and mitigated early in processes. We help you create a project development plan that's thoroughly and thoughtfully considered so you what you're committing to putting you in control.


Homeowners deserve a holistically integrated design that's in sync with their goals and budget.

We understand the importance of home to your family and your future. We learn about what you value and the underlying objectives you're hoping to achieve. We assist in calibrating the value of your options then design to your budget as our focus locks into crafting beautiful spaces that grow with you.


No more headache and hassle of coordinating all the activities for your project yourself.

Managing your own project can be overwhelming and extremely stressful within such a vast and disjointed industry. How can you be expected to feel in control when you don't have the knowledge or experience for such a complicated processes. We'll deliver a holistic project delivery service to make your job of transforming your property easy so you can focus your time elsewhere.

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01. Family
  • Short circuit a hefty and shifting to do list if you do it yourself.
  • Easily add extra space for family members or rental.
  • Save TONS of time not researching a tangled mess online.
  • Decked out new space to entertain guests and host events.
  • Got more use from the land you own!
02. Finances
  • Supplement retirement income without debt
  • Pay off debt faster
  • Accelerate mortgage payments
  • Save for college nest egg
  • Replenish retirement savings
  • Cover mortgage payments and CASH FLOW
  • Stack more cheddar
  • Have more in their checking account for life
03. Community
  • Feel good about providing a dire need - Housing!
  • An improved environment improves your mood
  • Live more healthy with passive design strategies
  • People will think you're new smart home is awesome
  • Feeling of pride from investing in yourself.
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