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Achieving the full investment potential of your land is our reason for existing.

We understand design integrity and financial returns are not mutually exclusive.

Your city should be equitable, healthy, beautiful, and integrated with nature; we make it happen.

We believe building better cities is a top priority for the future of humanity.

Your city belongs to you, so we work with you to ensure this is the reality.

What is Homeowner-Driven Development?

Individual property owners improving the usefulness and value of their land by developing the spaces that people need.

packaged project delivery service for getting new spaces built
from begin to end.

So anyone can take care of families, friends, and their communities
by safely investing in the land they already own.

Unlock your property’s full value.

Unleash your property's potential.

With minimal effort.

Let us show you how our premier design+developing consulting
can transform your land and your life.

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Corbin Jones founded OVID LLC in 2016 in response to housing shortages in US West Coast Cities. In late 2016, the State of California passed landmark legislation that allows single family property owners to legally rent additional units on their property. Corbin provides key consulting for you to take advantage of these new California State property investment opportunities in addition to existing land use regulation to help maximize the income potential of your land. Legislation may vary in other states.

A message from Corbin:

My interests focus on the positive impact that results from combining design integrity and financial robustness when helping "mom and pop" clients to build much needed space for our communities and cities. It's at the grassroots level that real change is made, which is why I am dedicated to the empowerment of small property owners. OVID LLC Consulting Services are driven to unlock the investment power in single family land. At OVID, we give you the power to act in real estate space market.

Corbin's Experience:

Corbin has been designing for more than a decade, and is recognized for both his artistic and architectural works. He has managed the build-out of Google workspaces totaling $32m, researched space strategies for Microsoft, and led financial analysis for multi-million dollar mixed-use development projects. He utilizes institutional investment tools, methods, and skills to help his clients succeed. Corbin holds two Masters Degrees  in both Architecture and Real Estate from The University of Washington (M.Arch and MSRE) and a BA in International Political Economy from University of Puget Sound.

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Twitter: @OVIDLLC

Phone: 415-534-5375

Email: corbinj@oviddesigndevelop.com