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Achieving the full investment potential of your land is our reason for existing.

We understand design integrity and financial returns are not mutually exclusive with cooperation.

We believe that Cities must be equitable, healthy, beautiful, and integrated with nature;

Our core design values carry through to how we treat our clients.

We believe building better cities is a top priority for the future of humanity.

Your city belongs to you, so we work with you to ensure this is the reality.

"The most reliable way to secure your future is to create it."

-M. Corbin Jones
Founder & Managing Principal

Service with Hospitality

Service and hospitality are two related but distinct concepts that are important to understand in the context of the how we think about customer experience.  Service refers to the specific actions taken to assist or help someone, while hospitality refers to the overall experience of being welcomed and cared for as a guest. A core belief at OVID is that by providing BOTH to all our clients we maintain a superior basis from which we operate.

Service refers to the act of providing a service to a customer, which can be tangible or intangible. It is the action of helping or assisting someone, and can include activities such as providing information, answering questions, offering assistance, or completing a task.

Hospitality, on the other hand, refers to the act of being hospitable, or welcoming and gracious to guests. It involves creating a pleasant and enjoyable experience for guests, and can include things like providing comfortable accommodations, good food and drink, and friendly and attentive service. Hospitality is often associated with the hotel, restaurant, and tourism industries, but it can also be relevant in other settings where people are welcomed and cared for, such as homes, hospitals, or event venues.

Perpetual Value

We understand that residential projects have a life beyond the design and construction, which is why we believe in the concept of "perpetual value"

Perpetual value refers to the long-term value or benefit that is derived from an asset or activity. It is the ongoing value that is generated over time, rather than the immediate or short-term value.

Perpetual value is often associated with investments, such as stocks or real estate, which can generate returns over an extended period of time. It can also refer to intangible assets, such as a the way you experience the spaces we design for you over the course of time.

In our business, perpetual value is often seen as a key goal, as it can lead to sustainable growth and success. OVID Design + Development strives to create perpetual value by building strong relationships with our customers, developing innovative architecture, and investing in long-term growth opportunities.

Residential design and development can be overwhelming within such a vast and disjointed industry. OVID envisions holistic projects from the beginning that drive perpetual value over years of occupancy.



We work with you utilizing various Co-design strategies developed in Scandinavia to create a project that is unique to your goals.

Our design processes follow the proven industry standard: Conceptual Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, Pricing, Construction Documents, and Construction Administration.

Ask us about integrating smart home technology into your architecture to enhance your living experience.


Our Comprehensive Development Analysis that gives you essential insight and transparency into the investment you're making in your property.  

See all the variables for your project in a detailed financial model, and forecast future annual cash flow, operating expenses, and value appreciation.  Our tools provide you with the information you need to plan successfully.


We understand how valuable your time is which is why we will help you create and manage your entire project's scope, schedule, and budget with streamlined communications and reporting.

We coordinate the whole project team (engineers, general contractor, consultants) using innovative project delivery methods and building information modeling software that improves efficiency aligns interests and creates transparency throughout the project.

Meet Corbin.

M. Corbin Jones is Managing Principal @ OVID Design+Development. He started the firm in 2017 in response to the severe housing shortages in US West Coast Cities. After the State of California passed landmark legislation to allow residential property owners to legally build and rent additional dwelling units on their property, Corbin saw the supreme opportunity in helping everyday homeowners develop the land they own. Fast forward to 2021, Corbin now provides design, permitting, entitlements, and construction consulting to clients around California helping to execute on projects, large and small, that improve the overall value of the land they own. With OVID as your residential construction partner, Corbin ensures you'll discover opportunities  to improve the utility and functionality of your property in ways that maximize the residual value and income potential of your land.

A message from Corbin:

Hello! My interests focus on the positive impact that results from combining design integrity and financial canniness when helping everyday residential property owner clients  build much needed space for our families, friends, communities and cities. It's at the grassroots level that real change is made, which is why I am dedicated to the empowerment of small residential property owners. OVID Consulting Services were created and are driven by the mission to unlock the investment power in single family and low density residential land. At OVID, we give you the power to act intelligently and stand out in real estate space market.

Corbin's Experience:

Corbin has been designing for more than a decade, and is recognized for both his artistic and architectural works. He has managed the build-out of Google workspaces totaling $32m, researched space strategies for Microsoft, and led financial analysis for multi-million dollar mixed-use development projects. He utilizes institutional investment tools, methods, and processes to help his clients succeed. Corbin has extensive knowledge and experience with permitting and entitlements in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area Cities. He's helped 250+ residential and commercial clients obtain building permits for everything from Tenant Improvements, and Ground Up Office, to Residential Remodels and New Residential Construction. Corbin holds two Masters Degrees  in both Architecture and Real Estate from The University of Washington (M.Arch and MSRE).

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