We are excited to partner with you in transforming your property into a beautiful multi-unit environment. We help you with the entire process of developing your land, from design and financing to permitting and construction. We understand your time is of the utmost value, which is why we created a turnkey service to help you achieve your spatial imagination.

If you want to build an additional unit(s) on your land but don't have the time, or prefer not to hassle with managing the handfuls of professionals and contractors, you are in the right place.

Please select a time that works with your schedule for a free consultation to see if you are good fit for OVID's premier architectural design and real estate development service.
We will call the phone number you provide.

If you are scheduling a free consultation, these range from 30-45 minutes.
We respect all our client candidate's time and will not exceed 1 hour.

I look forward to speaking with you about the potential of your property.

M.Corbin Jones
CEO & Principal
OVID [Design+Development]

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